My Hindi accent is really good, says Trisha Krishnan

New Delhi: South Indian actress Trisha Krishnan who makes her entry in Bollywood with Akshay Kumar starrer `Khatta Meetha`, is fluent in Hindi but the actress is not dubbing in the new film.

Trisha`s voice is being dubbed by a professional in this Priyadarshan directed film because the actress, who plays collector, was required to have a perfect diction.

"I actually did want to dub for my lines in `Khatta Meetha. I can read and write Hindi very well; my spoken Hindi is quite good too,” Trisha, who is in Europe shooting for
her new Tamil film, told reporters.

"Since I enact the role of district collector, the spoken language had to be impeccable. It had to be perfect Hindi with no slang being used whatsoever."

While for a regular role in a conventional Bollywood film it could have possibly worked, but the spoken language for this role had to be perfect. This is what Priyadarshan felt and he suggested the same to Trisha.

"For my very first film, Priyan didn`t want anything to go against me. He didn`t want to take any risk and brought in a professional dubbing artist. I didn`t mind because her voice
is quite close to that of mine. It totally resembles and those familiar with my work down South won`t find much difference. So it is a win-win situation for all."

Though she doesn`t regret missing out on an opportunity to dub for `Khatta Meetha`, for her coming films she certainly wants to dub.

"Of course I would love to dub my own lines in my subsequent Hindi films. I am working harder on my diction and that would show in my next film."

When it comes to movie, Trisha is certainly not a newbie as she has close to 35 films to her credit down South. In the industry for more than 7 years now, she has seen quite a lot and is pretty much established and feels her Bollywood debut has come at the right time.

"With `Khatta Meetha` I am looking forward to more audience acceptance and appreciation coming in. I am also quite keen to see how people from South react to it. I have put 110 per cent in `Khatta Meetha` and can`t wait for 23rd July when the film releases," she said.

She makes her Bollywood debut with Priyadarshan as a director and Akshay Kumar as the leading man. Could it actually have got any better than this for Trisha?

"I don`t think so. This is as good as it could have got. It was this very combination that made me take this step. Ever since my movies in South started doing well, there were questions around when would Bollywood happen for me.

"This is why when Priyan called and said that he had a film for me with Akshay, I had no reasons to say no. It was a meaty role and everything was just so perfect. Everything just happened over a 10 minutes phone call, as simple as that."



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