My taste in films is common and vulgar: Imtiaz Ali

Shomini Sen

New Delhi: Recounting the days he spent watching B-grade films in Jameshedpur as a child, filmmaker and story teller Imtiaz Ali says his taste in films is quite “common and vulgar.”

The director who was at the Osian’s Cinefan Film Festival on Day 6 of the film fest spoke about his love for films, the making of ‘Rockstar’ and the filmmakers and actors who have influenced him in life.

On why he included a scene of Nargis Fakhri and Ranbir Kapoor sneakily watching ‘Junglee Jawani’ in his super hit film ‘Rockstar’ , Imtiaz said, “ I have watched quite a few of such films during my teenage years in Jamshedpur. They aren’t porn films and they promise certain kind of entertainment. So it was something that I had experienced in my childhood and wanted it to be a part of the film. B-grade and C-grade films actually have a wider audience in India than the so called A-grade.”

Imtiaz’s last outing as a director was ‘Rockstar’ which was lapped by all sections of the society. The filmmaker said that his films were not for a selected genre but for the masses. “I don’t have an exceptional taste in cinema. I am glad that I have a very common and vulgar taste in cinema. I make films which do not exclude anyone or any section of the society,” said Imtiaz.

When asked about who is his favourite actor in the Indian film industry, Imtiaz said, “Dilip Kumar is right at the top of that list. I like Mr Bachchan’s work a lot. But I feel that there is no actor like Dilip sahib in this world. DeNiro, Pacino they all come after Dilip Kumar.” Amongst the heroines, Imtiaz listed Jaya Bhaduri and Madhuri Dixit as his favourites.

Known for making sensitive, feel good love stories, Imtiaz said he would only make an action oriented film when he felt like. “As a director I am selfish enough to narrate stories that I feel like. I don’t feel like narrating stories about violence.”

The director, whose film ‘Rockstar’ was showcased at the festival said, he loves being at Osian’s because “they are the only guys who invite me. I am not invited to any other film festival.”