Naomie Harris does her own stunts in ‘Skyfall’

London: British actress Naomie Harris says she is doing all her stunts on her own in the new James Bond film ‘Skyfall’.

Harris, 35, plays special agent Eve in the next 007 adventure film and she has been relentlessly hitting the gym to ensure she is in the best possible shape for the film`s numerous action sequences, a website has reported.

"I`m trying to do all my own stunts. I`ve done them all so far. In a couple of weeks we`ve got another big stunt thing, so I don`t know if I can do all of them. But I`m trying to!" she said.

Whereas, the actress says she doesn`t have a traditional Bond girl swimwear scene.

"I don`t have any bikini scenes so I`m just training to keep up with all the stunts."