New scripts reflect our world: Hansal Mehta

New Delhi: Trends and formulas are here to stay, but nowadays filmmakers are picking stories from around them and bringing it to big screen in a fascinating manner and audiences are appreciating it too, says director Hansal Mehta.

"Earlier, we were telling same stories over and over again. But now we are finding stories within our own country and within our own people. We are trying to tell them more from among our people and the stories reflect the world around us," Mehta told IANS.

He added: "The problem is that we start seeing trends and formulas in everything."

The filmmaker, who has movies like ‘Dus Kahaniyaan’ and ‘Woodstock Villa’ to his credit, is soon going to release his inspirational movie, ‘Shahid’, based on the life of lawyer and social activist Shahid Azmi who was shot dead in his office in 2010.

The film is not just about cinema, it is about inequality and fighting for what is right, said Mehta.

"For me, it is not the story of one person. It is the story of our time. It is a film which is dealing with inequality; it is about fighting the system by remaining within the system. For me, it was important that all these things come across through the story," he said.

To be screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, starting Sep 6, ‘Shahid` stars Rajkumar Yadav in the lead role, and is co-produced by Anurag Kashyap along with Sunil Bohra.

The director feels a lot of international attention is now being given to Indian cinema.

"Movies are going towards international festivals and a lot of attention is being given to our cinema. Quality of films being made have also improved. The audience definitely watches the mainstream movies, but there is some audience that wants to watch more compelling stories," he said.


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