No place for sleaze in Shah Rukh’s upcoming home production

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Taking cue from the current crop of filmmakers who are bearing brunt of the censor board for the use of sleazy words in dialogues and songs, the once bitten twice shy producer Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t want to take any chances for his next home production called ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’.

SRK recently met director Roshan Abbas and music director Pritam to discuss an issue which troubled him more than anything else. Apparently, the actor-filmmaker had a problem with the phrase Undie the condi, which is used in a song.

Shah Rukh told Abbas that he was not happy with the lyrics and the song sounded sleazy. Abbas explained that it is only a shortform of the phrase that the youth use for `Understand the Condition`. Shah Rukh needed to be further convinced, and so Abbas showed Shah Rukh the research papers.

Roshan Abbas said, "I was telling him about the songs, when this discussion started. He asked me `why are we doing this and what does it mean?` Shah Rukh was of the opinion that we should not use words like `undie` and it sounded like kundi, which means bum in the South. I told him that this is actually a phrase which people use in North India.

“They use the phrase `Undie the condi of the situ`, which means `understand the condition of the situation`. I also pointed out that this was, in fact, a popular phrase in school in the North and it has been passed down many batches now."

Abbas added, "Since the film is about youngsters and targets youngsters, we have used many phrases like JFI which means `just forget it` and PAW, which means `parents are watching`, etc, although I have not used PAW in my film. The kids do use these phrases and SRK was stunned and said, I know that today`s generation says some weird things, but this is really different."

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