Not making `Jaane Tu...` sequel: Abbas Tyrewala

Mumbai: Filmmaker Abbas Tyrewala has shot down rumours that he is making a sequel to his 2008 hit film `Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na`.

Umm...all those vaguely excited by the idea of a sequel to `Jaane Tu...`, as suggested in the press today - hey, please let me know if one is happening. I`d love to watch it as well. But I sure ain`t making one," Tyrewala posted on his Facebook page.

"I guess its just a mild attack of cafeteria journalism... whilst practicing ventriloquism (I`ve been quoted giving random answers to questions I was never asked. Actually, I`ve an idea! Maybe Jai and Aditi (film`s characters) could turn psychopathic, a la Natural Born Killers, and start shooting reporters too lazy to actually do things like `reporting`," he added.

"Jaane Tu...", a light-hearted college romance, was Tyrewala`s directorial debut and also the launch pad for Imran Khan. It featured Genelia D`Souza opposite Imran, and their crackling chemistry worked wonders for the movie.

Post `Jaane Tu...`, in 2010, Tyrewala directed John Abraham-starrer `Jhoota Hi Sahi`. It tanked at the box office.