Pankaj gives a miss to `Musaddilal Chale Office Office` promotion

Mumbai: Actor-turned-director Pankaj Kapoor is so busy finalising his directorial debut ‘Mausam’ that he is unable to lend time to promote his film ‘Musaddilal Chale Office Office.’

‘Musaddilal Chale Office Office’, directed by Rajiv Mehra, is a big screen adaptation of Pankaj`s super hit television show serial ‘Office Office’, where he plays the title character.

"I think it does affect my promotion because his time is completely divided. He is so busy now because of his film. Time has become a major issue. They have also announced the release of the film. We will do our best," said Mehra.

"I don`t think marketing is the be-all and end-all of a film. Eventually a film runs only if people like it. But, of course, it needs the visibility," Mehra told reporters.

The idea of taking it to the big screen was dormant from the very beginning but contractual compulsions with the channel obliged him to stall it for such a long time, said Mehra.

"While we were making this serial in 2001 we though that it was such a wonderful idea, we should take it to the big screen and we started planning how to go about it. But as it became a big hit on television, the channel didn`t let us put it down. When the contract got over in 2008, we started working on the film," said Mehra.

‘Musaddilal Chale Office Office’ is not the collage of the incidents shown on the TV, rather it`s absolutely fresh story keeping the principal characters same, said Mehra.

"We have kept the concept same and made a story of one and a half hour. It`s a complete new story," he added.

Asked if he was inspired by ‘Khichdi-The Movie’ (2010), which is also a transformation of a serial to cinema, Mehra said: "`Khichdi` also had the same idea. But in that sense they stole the idea from us. We had announced that we are doing this, years ago. They were able to do it quickly and put it out."

‘Musaddilal Chale Office Office’ is set to hit theatres Aug 5.


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