Playing homosexual in `I Am` was complex: Rahul Bose

New Delhi: He is playing the role of a homosexual man in Onir`s upcoming directorial venture `I Am` and actor Rahul Bose says the experience was complex as well as interesting.

"There is nothing effeminate about my character. To play the role I had to understand how does it feel to be discriminated against, everyday. Some people tend to overdo it, the whole aspect of being in love with another man, but it is about how you want to look at it. It was complex and interesting," Rahul told reporters.

`I Am` is a collection of four short films, each sharing the common theme of fear and is also based on real life stories. The film is slated to hit theatres in October.

The 43-year-old star`s career-graph boasts of both parallel and commercial films, but Rahul says he likes to break the monotone everytime people try to put him in a "slot".

"When I did comedy in films like `Pyaar Ke Side Effects` and `Jhankaar Beats`, people tried to put me into the slot of a comic actor. But then again I went ahead to act in films like `Kaalpurush` and `Antaheen` to break that image," said Rahul.

Although he enjoys serious films more, Rahul wants to try his hand at all kinds, be it horror, drama and of course action, but is apprehensive whether anybody will cast him as an action hero.

"I am too small an actor to justify the amount of money put behind an action movie. I could do it along with a superstar, but I don`t think anyone will cast me as a hero," said Rahul.

The actor was recently in the capital to walk the ramp for designer Narendra Kumar as a part of Signature`s Seven Sensations Fashion tour.

"Walking the ramp is terrifying, especially because it is not what I was born to do. I have done it three-four times before, since I have some designer friends and also for some charity events," said Rahul.

The actor has two films ready for release this year, `Kuch Love Jaisa` and a horror movie called `Fired`.

He is a name to reckon with in the genre of parallel films but Rahul is apprehensive about their future since he thinks people are less interested in investing their money in the genre these days.

"This is a very difficult time for parallel films. It is only films the commercial films which are selling now. Very soon there will soon be a time when these small-budgeted parallel films will go straight to DVDs.

"Distributors are hardly interested in the serious films. `Japanese Wife` did not have the money to even print the movie timings in paper," said Rahul.


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