Post `Devil`, Nargis Fakhri bruised, battered

IANS| Updated: Jul 22, 2014, 18:46 PM IST

Mumbai: `Rockstar` fame actress Nargis Fakhri may be in bed resting it out after sustaining injuries while shooting her `devil` item song with Salman Khan for Sajid Nadiadwala`s `Kick`, but she finds the experience exhilarating.

"It was a devil of a song," she said punning on the song`s title `Devil`.

The song is composed by Yo Yo Honey Singh, his first for Salman and after his `Lungi dance` track for Shah Rukh Khan in `Chennai Express`.

"It is a very special song. I do like Yo Yo Honey Singh`s songs. So I was super-excited about that as well. And I am blessed to have danced to it with Salman. Never mind the minor injuries."

Nargis admits it was physically an ordeal to dance to Yo Yo`s energetic beats.

"It was stressful. Before the dancing, I always get so nervous and stressed. I am not very comfortable with the gyrations and thrusts. My entire physical presence becomes tense.

"I was dancing with Salman with a torn meniscus, a torn ham-string and two inflamed discs. So there was a lot of pain. But I kept pushing myself because Ahmed Khan`s choreography was so very inspiring. Now I am recuperating in bed."

She had suffered similar injuries while performing the `Dhating` number with Shahid Kapoor for "Phata Poster Nikla Hero".

"For that number with Shahid as well as for this number with Salman, I didn`t allow my physique enough time and rehearsals to warm up properly. So it was a bit of deja-vu dancing. But every bit of the pain was worth it because of Salman."

Thankfully, Ahmed Khan worked the dance movements around Nargis`s comfort zone.

"Ahmed was fantastic. Only he was aware if my injuries because I shared my pain only with him. He was aware of my comfort level. If a dance step didn`t come easily to me he modified the step accordingly. But on the whole I stuck to the dance movements he created. Every one on the set was patient and supportive. The vibes were fantastic."