Preeti`s liveliness wows `Yeh Hai Mumbai` director

Mumbai: Preeti Jhangiani is so full of life that she didn`t have to pretend to play the role in `Yeh Hai Mumbai`, says director Sneh Tulli.

"Preeti is playing a bubbly character, which is not very different from her real life character. She is so sweet and well-behaved that even during breaks she used to ask me if anything was required or if she could go to her vanity," said Tulli.

Tully added: "Preeti in her real life is always full of life and very bubbly, so while shooting she didn`t had to pretend."

The actress, who made her Bollywood debut with Yash Raj`s "Mohabbatein", is believed to keep the atmosphere on the sets very delightful.

"As soon as Preeti shows up on the sets, the atmosphere on the sets, and cast and crew light up, there is smile on everyone`s face and the environment becomes very relaxed," said a source.