‘Race 2’ earns over Rs 100 million in Pakistan

Karachi: Bollywood movie ‘Race 2’ has generated Rs 100 million in revenues in about six weeks of running in Pakistan.

February, has smashed all previous box office records of Indian films in Pakistan, reports The Express Tribune.

Previously, Salman Khan starrer Dabangg had grossed Rs 80 million, while Bodyguard and Don 2 earned Rs 60 million and Rs 80 million respectively.

Managing Director of Atrium Cinemas, Nadeem Mandviwalla, believes that the business of Race 2 at the box office is a welcome change for the Pakistani cinema industry.

He said the cinema industry has achieved 50 percent of its `ultimate target` in five years and the remaining 50 percent will be achieved sooner than that. He said that the ultimate goal of Pakistani cinema is to make the market lucrative for foreign films.

Mandviwalla said a film cannot gross more than Race 2 in the present setup of the Pakistani cinema industry. He said the cinema industry in Pakistan will be able to double its market potential in less than five years considering the pace with which screens are being multiplied.

He also said that Race 2 was released at a time where there was hardly any significant Indian film playing at cinemas, resulting in such a healthy economic return.