Ranbir Kapoor to go flabby for his latest film ‘Barfee’

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor, who was voted the sexiest man alive last year by ‘People Magazine’, is all set to go flabby for his upcoming film ‘Barfee’, earlier titled ‘Silence’, directed by Anurag Basu.

The skinny Kapoor lad who was very much in news for his extra slim physique will go on a heavy fatty food diet to gain those extra kilos which would make him look flabby and plump.

Talking to a news daily, an insider revealed, “For a month until the shooting starts in February, Ranbir will binge on fatty food.”

Ranbir’s role in the film was earlier based on the legendry Charlie Chaplin. Filmmaker Basu is a great fan of the king of silent films. But the handsome hunk opted to replicate Mr. Bean instead of the comic legend as he felt that the younger generation would hit off well with a relatively newer character.

Talking to a news daily, an insider revealed, “Basu is a big fan of Chaplin’s. But Mr Bean is Ranbir’s idea. He feels the younger generation needed a far more immediate and ready reference point than Chaplin and Basu too jumped at the idea.”

It will be easy for Ranbir to gain those extra pounds to don a flabby look considering the fact that the Kapoor khandaan has a very natural tendency to put on massive flabby tissues.

Wonder how Katrina Kaif, the new lady in Ranbir’s life, is going to react to this bulky news!