Ranbir takes music lessons from AR Rahman for ‘Rockstar’

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor seems to be taking a cue from perfectionist Aamir Khan. Following Aamir, the young Kapoor scion too has started taking a keen interest in every aspect of his film.

So when he decided to become a ‘Rockstar’ for Imtiaz Ali, there was no better place for Ranbir to learn about his character than music maestro AR Rahman’s studio. The actor has been spending a lot of his time at Rahman’s studio to understand the music of the film.

As per reports, Ranbir plays a Jim Morrison fan in the much-awaited flick. Confirming the news, a source said, “Ranbir wanted to get into the skin of the character. Since music plays a very important role in the film and AR Rahman is composing it in this one, Ranbir wants to understand it thoroughly. That is why he has started making frequent trips to AR Rahman’s studio.”

“Ranbir is taking keen interest in the music of the film. The actor knows that music is the soul of this film and that he needs to understand its pulse to really get into his character,” added the source.

What’s more is that the actor is taking guitar lessons apart from brushing up on his rock music knowledge. “Just being in the presence of AR Rahman must prove to be a music lesson in itself for Ranbir. Sure enough, the actor apparently just sits quietly at Rahman’s panoramic studio, while watching him work his magical fingers on his digitised equipment,” said the source.

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