Review: Ajay`s ‘Toonpur Ka Superhero’ is a super wacky fun film

Spicezee Bureau

Ajay Devgn’s ambitious animation project ‘Toonpur Ka Superhero’ is not only a treat for kids but also adults. The film exceeds expectations as far as the animation features go.

At a time when our animation industry is still in a struggling stage, Devgn’s film is indeed a rare treat and is nothing short of a pleasant surprise.

Be it the smoothness with which the cartoons are played onscreen or Devgn’s being in sync with pen and paper characters, the film is a sure delight for all animation lovers.

As for the story, the film is based on the life of Aditya (played by Ajay Devgn). Aditya plays a super-hero on screen, but in his real life he is just an ordinary dad. His kids poke fun at him by labeling him a fake hero. However, things take a strange twist when Aditya is abducted by a bunch of cartoons and frisked away too Toonpur, a land torn apart by political upheavals.

Now, it’s upto Aditya to restore normalcy and democracy in Toonpur. And for this he is required to rescue the rightful leader from the evil infiltrators: a bunch of ogres and ugly creatures.

The only ones he can count for help are his toony friends. His adventures in Toon-land with his cartoon friends – Bolly, Big Ben and the rest – turn out to be more exciting than his life in the real world. For once in his life he doesn’t have to depend on any body double performing his stunts. Bored as he was with his daily life, Aditya gets to display his valour and fighting skills in the surreal world.

In order to get out of their mysterious land, Aditya has to build strategies with the good toons and battle the bad toons. And this battle between the good and bad toons turns out to be great fun for kids and their parents – who have been anxiously waiting for some desi fun meant specifically for the young.

‘Toonpur Ka Superhero’ is a perfect festive film that can be enjoyed by both kids and parents.

Rating: 3 cheers for this one!