Review: ‘Bhindi Baazaar Inc.’ is unpretentious and realistic

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The film ‘Bhindi Baazaar Inc.’ is set in Mumbai, between the infamous by-lanes where of the city where life thrives on chaos!

It revolves around gangs of Mumbai, who have mastered pick-pocketing as an art and a means of earning a livelihood. They use their intelligence and hone their talent to survive in this dangerous profession.

Revolving around crime syndicates, the film starts with a game of chess being played between two characters; Shroff (Kay Kay Menon) and Tez (Gautam).

Their each move unfolds the mystery and eventually the motive of their meeting. It is based on the quest of a small time pick-pocket Fateh (Prashant Narayanan) and his ambitions to become a ‘Mamu’ a local area don.

First time director Ankush Bhatt chooses a different and difficult subject for his very first film but he has done justice to his project and the achieved success to some extend.

Story by Kapil Gulati and screenplay by Ghalib Asad Bhopali underlines the gritty politics, feared hierarchy, unspoken rules, authoritative commands, shrewd intelligence, crafty wit and cold blooded betrayals, within the business.

While the first half has precious little to offer, the second half has various twists and turns which keeps your interest alive. The dialogues are strictly pedestrian, but in a way justifies the film of this genre.

Music by Sandeep – Surya is of fast forward, even a raunchy item number by Caterina Lopez fails to grab attention. Editing by Faizal is loose in the first half as the scenes drag and look repetitive while it improves in the latter half though. The action scenes are soaked in blood and may not be viewable for the weak hearted. Cinematographers Ramshreyas Rao and Viraj Singh capture the by-lanes of Bhindi Baazaar well on camera and you get a feel of it.
All in all – ‘Bhindi Bazaar Inc.’ is unpretentious and realistic to the core. A story of love, lies and betrayal with some solid performances and a screenplay full of twists and turns. May be you should visit ‘Bhindi Bazaar’ at least once, but purely at your own risk!

Rating: Three cheers to this one!

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