Review 'Dangerous Ishhq': Karisma's comeback is lukewarm!

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Touted as an enigma on celluloid, ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ happens to be Karisma Kapoor’s comeback film that deals with past life regression. The lady, who bid temporary good bye to the world of cinema to take charge of her maternity commitments, could have indeed waited a while longer to get back into action.

Directed by Vikram Bhatt, this 3D film will make you wonder if you ever really wanted to ruin your vision and make a mess of your weekend. What is indeed more nerve-wrecking is the fact that you will end up cursing your own self for brutally murdering your brains (if you really have one...ooops pun intended!)

Karisma did all what she could to deliver her best but the story and a loosely woven preposterous plot has drained her efforts away to the farthest end of the world! The lady looks prim and proper even as she is about to touch her 40s in sometime. But ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ has not helped her win the accolades of pulling of a stunner despite her stellar ‘Zubeidaa’ like performance.

Karisma plays four different characters across 5 centuries. Her real time character Sanjana Saxena is a top model in town and is all set to get hitched to an industrialist Rohan Thakral, played by Rajneesh Duggal. As all looks wonderful and picture perfect, Rohan gets abducted and Sanjana goes in search of her lover as she transcends into her past lives!

It is here that we get to see Jimmy Shergill play ACP Bharghav Singh, who is entrusted with the job of Rohan’s whereabouts with the help of Sanjana’s past life ordeals.

The film looks like that complicated piece of art work where art finds no mention and the work looks terrible to look at! Bhatt could have done away with the extravagant misc-en-scene and laid more emphasis on a good plot that could have convinced audiences to hold on to their seats.

Rajneesh Duggal (somebody please admit him to an acting school) is utterly disappointing while Jimmy Shergill couldn’t have done more to elevate the already submerging script. Divya Dutta is superb but we wonder from where did Gracy Singh pop up! (Hope you remember this ‘Lagaan’ girl!)

And wait, that’s not the end. If you are a Ravi Kisen fan, only then would you love watching him tear his throat off. The film also has Arya Babbar. We would request him not to sign any more films.
‘Dangerous Ishhq’ looks like a hilarious spoof on Dr Brian Weiss book rendered in a 3D format. Trust…if you watch this film, you will swear never to watch 3D ever again.

So if you want to spare yourself from something that can make you go crazy, please forget your way to the multiplex that is screening this film.

Ratings: Can’t help it but just one!

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