Review: Darsheel delivers another winsome performance in ‘BBB’

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: ‘Bumm Bumm Bole’ is a remake, albeit a good one, of the Oscar nominated Iranian film, ‘Children of Heaven’. Majid Majidi`s version of the film is startlingly realistic, slow-paced, permeated with heart-touching innocence. And director Priyadarshan’s version too is an apt ode to the timeless classic. The director deftly takes a break from his usual ‘masala comedies’ and weaves the desi version against the canvas where the tea gardens of Ooty double up as the ULFA-infested terrain of Assam.

The sensitive tale is retold in a fitting way against the shades of terrorism and the two child actors – Darsheel Safary and Ziyah Vastani have delivered a winsome performance.
The little actors create a different and secret world of hushed wonderment and innocence that takes the narrative far beyond the precincts of the original fable about an impoverished pair of sibling’s desperate but disarming attempt to share a pair of shoes.

The story is very simple and can be spoken at one go. The two children belong to an impoverished family but their parents Atul Kulkarni and Rituparno Sengupta are loving and caring. Darsheel Safary goes to a cobbler to get his kid sister`s sandals repaired but loses them. As they cannot ask their poor parents to buy a pair of shoes, the brother and sister duo is forced to share a single pair of shoes to attend school.

Overcoming hurdles and various problems, the siblings somehow manage with the single pair of shoes. And then, Darsheel learns that he can get a new pair of shoes, if he gets the third prize in the marathon race in the school. The little boy tries his best to come third, when he has every chance to come first in the race…

Unlike other recent parables on children, innocence and violence like Santosh Sivan`s ‘Tahaan’ and Piyush Jha`s ‘Sikandar’, ‘Bumm Bumm Bole’ is very engrossing. Darsheel Safary gives another riveting performance and Ziyah Vastani is a winner through and through. Atul Kulkarni puts in a supremely credible turn as the harried father. The film is shot on picture-postcard locations and cinematographer Selvi and the art director Sabu Cyril have done a great job. The film is a superbly crafted cinematic experience.
Definitely, BBB would have got full-marks, had it been an original!

Rating: Three cheers