Review: 'Ghajini' is Aamir’s career-best performance!

Prasaad Bhosekar

How is Ghajini... how did Aamir Khan attempt the character...and many more thoughts come across as you watch the first day, first show. To begin with Ghajini is intense and Aamir Khan is at his vintage best..Well, you have to be Aamir fan...and those who keep keen interest in what and how Aamir does the film is especially for them...Loosely based on `Memento,' Ghajini is also the remake of the original Tamil version but the script / screenplay were a bit altered.. perhaps to suit the Aamir Khan phenomenon.

The already popular Ghajini hairdo gives the brief of the film's theme as ``short-term memory loss.'' Aamir portrays different levels of his acting skills

Enacting the part of ``short-term memory loss'' sequences..It's here you get to see how good Aamir is when he does something very seriously. The intensity comes from the finest crafts of Aamir's acting, cinematographer Ravi K Chandran's camera work, AR Rahman's haunting background score and from the captain of the ship AR Murugadoss. These factors hugely contributed to the making of this film. Well, the top and best in the business were working together and it shows..

In a very rare occasion, one gets to see Aamir quite correctly underplaying the character especially the rich tycoon character...and for the ``short-term memory loss'' character the way with which Aamir exhibits his instincts & spontaneity doesn't allow you to shift your eyeballs off the screen. The intensity grows from this very factor. For shifting & shuffling of story and screeplay from the character of ``short-term memory loss'' to the ultra rich business tycoon character of Sanjay Singhania director Murugadoss had kept the controls in quite good command. It was quite an commendable attempt to engage the viewer's mind. And Aamir too does poetic justice to these two characters as said earlier by sometimes subconciously enhancing it at most of the times underplaying it.

As for other departments like the cinematography, Ravi K Chandran shows he's a master craftsman when it comes to adding / changing colours, lights to his frames. His work is absolutely brilliant. So is music mastreo A R Rahman. One has to listen to his ``Tum mujhe kaise mil gayi''...and its instrumental version to know why he is the best. Ofcourse, the popular tune ``Tu aa gaye mujh ko raas..raas...tu aaja ab tho paas..paas..'' is good to humm...most of the other departments too were of top class..

Coming to women in the film...Asin as Aamir's lady love does a fairly good job...but Jiah Khan didn't quite live upto the expectations of her character of a medical student. On the contrary, in Tamil version Nayanatara suited nicely to her character. Pradeep Rawat in the title role of Ghajini played his part well.

Now for all those who have seen the original Tamil version and who are waiting to see the Hindi version..both Suriya in Tamil version and Aamir in Hindi version are superb. But for such viewers who had seen Tamil version and who will watch Hindi version will find a small difference with the Hindi version. Pls find it..


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