Review: Horror film ‘A Flat’ falls flat on its face

Updated: Nov 12, 2010, 18:21 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Jimmy Shergill and Sanjay Suri starrer horror film ‘A Flat’ fails to thrill the audiences. Co-written by Ajay Monga and Hemant Madhukar, ‘A Flat’ deals with two parallel stories, which have no relevance with each other. On one hand the film talks about Rahul’s (Jimmy Shergill) love life, who returns to India from the US to pacify his girl friend, Preeti (Kaveri Jha). And on the other deals with the protagonist, who is trapped in his ghost stricken flat.

Rahul, who is completely trapped in his own apartment, comes across a dairy which reveals the story of the ghost. As the story unfolds, it is disclosed that his friend Karan (Sanjay Suri) had lured a simple village girl and brought her to Mumbai to marry her. Karan, who is already a married man impregnates the village girl and forces her to abort the child despite warnings from the gynaecologist about the risks involved.

Now, when Rahul comes to know about this truth, he decides to learn about his friend’s vicious deed which is subsequently revealed at the end. Certain characters are introduced much later in the film thus letting the viewers feel cheated. Moreover, the climax is far from appealing.

The performances of Jimmy Shergill and Sanjay Suri are worth applause, yet, Hemant Madhukar’s direction looks average, thanks to the faulty script. The music by Bappa is moderately good and the lyrics have no relevance with the main storyline.
At the end, all one can say is that the film is a poor horror film which miserably fails to allure the audiences.

Ratings: One poor cheer to this one!