Review: ‘Jodi Breakers’ is an unusual rom-com!

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When broken relationships and failed marriages are the talk of the day, people can hardly think of providing relationship solutions to estranged couples. There comes in the role of a Break-Up Specialist, aka Jodi Breaker. With the fabric of debilitated relationships as the background, this week’s ‘Jodi Breakers’- as can be garnered from the name - traces the trajectory of two jodi breakers.

Actors Madhavan and Bipasha Basu are impeccable in their roles as Sid and Shonali respectively, and added to their splendid performances is the brilliant portrayal of the role of Nano by Omi Vaidya. The actors excel in their acting skills, and the movie offers a lot of light moments. In addition to the light-hearted moments, generous doses of witty dialogues from the actors come across as superb. Omi Vaidya, as always, is extraordinarily upright as far as the delivery of dialogues is concerned, and entertains the viewer to the core.

Dysfunctional relationships form the fulcrum of the movie, and the wheels on which it runs are the way each role has been pulled off by the actors. Sid Khanna(R Madhavan), a man estranged from his wife, no longer believes in the institution of marriage. His divorce goes a long way in giving shape to his career choice – that of a Break-Up Specialist. Sid helps wronged parties out of bad relationships. At Nano’s (Omi) pub, Sid and Shonali’s(Bipasha Basu) meeting paves way for their business partnership, and the two begin a wonderful association – both literally, and otherwise. The first half of the movie is an absolute delight to watch, and Sid and Shonali complement each other too well.

In the second half, though, the film loses a lot of steam, and what begins as a brilliant array of performances, fizzles out towards the end. The film progresses towards a clichéd ending as the jodi breakers eventually end up falling for each other. The predictable second half is a bit out of sync with the overall splendour of the film.

Madhavan and Bipasha, though an unusual jodi, pull off their roles amazingly, thereby raising ‘Jodi Breakers’ to the level of a splendid movie despite a weak denouement. Go delve in dysfunctional relationships this weekend!

Ratings: Three cheers for ‘Jodi Breakers’!

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