Review: ‘Khap’ is a social-drama gone horribly wrong!

Spicezee Bureau

Issue based films come with a huge risk of stirring communal passion among audiences, who aren’t gracious enough to accept art for art’s sake. In such a scenario, Ajai Sinha’s ‘Khap’ tries to take up the burning issue of honour killings of couples marrying in same-clan in most parts of North India.

Starring Om Puri, Yuvika Chaudhary, Manoj Pahwa and Govind Namdeo, ‘Khap’ ends up being a mere parody of the burning issue as the filmmaker does not try to dwell into the heart of the matter. With little or no research, ‘Khap’ has no clear answers on the foundation of honour killings. Instead, the film touches honour killings in a ludicrous manner.

The film is based around a small hamlet with Om Puri as its head. As a typical Indian patriarch, our village-head does not endorse same-caste marriages. However, when his son (Mohnish Behl) doesn’t approve of his father’s views, he severs ties with his folks and takes the cause of human rights in a village battling honour killing. When his son dies, the village-head father gets the shock of his life and a new realisation dawns upon him. However, things take a drastic turn when his granddaughter (Yuvika Chaudhary) gets married to the same-caste boy.

Instead of remaining close to the subject, ‘Khap’ indulges in gimmickry as it adds a corny love story and song-and-dance routine to the script, which is otherwise full of mindless violence. And what more, the real cause behind the same-clan marriages in dealt in a superficial manner, with no attempt to eliminate the blasphemy of honour killing.

In terms of acting, Om Puri looks disillusioned; Yuvika is a glam doll and newcomer Sarrtaj fails to grab your attention. ‘Khap’ is nothing but a caricature of an issue based film.

Ratings: One star for this one!

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