Review: ‘Lafangey Parindey’ is all style and no substance

Spicezee Bureau

Despite the fresh jodi of Neil Nitin Mukesh and Deepika Padukone, Pradeep Sarkar’s ‘Lafangey Parindey’ fails to set the Box Office on fire. Blame its clichéd script and umpteen violent scenes or its vain attempt of romanticising love, ‘Lafangey Parindey’ falls flat on its face.

‘Lafangey Parindey’ is sheer hype which ends in a whimper. Sarkar, whose last outing was ‘Laga Chunari Me Daag’ dishes out a lame plot in the name of masala cinema. Even big names like Neil Nitin and Deepika cannot save the fate of the film, for it is too boring.

The film revolves around a bunch of youngsters living in the backstreets of Mumbai. ‘Lafangey Parindey’ traces the life of Nandu (Neil Nitin Mukesh) a hardcore biker and fighter who loves pummelling his opponents in the ring blindfolded and Pinky Palkar (Deepika Padukone), a blind girl who wants to become a big dancer. If Nandu teaches her how to chase her dreams and see the world without eyes, Pinky helps him in finding true love. It seems director Pradeep Sarkar and producer Aditya Chopra were in a great hurry to finish ‘Lafangey Parindey’, for the film is bereft of any soul, leave alone haphazard storyline, superfluous scenes, mediocre production and dull dialogues.

A word about performances, Neil Nitin looks raw in his fake ‘tapori’ accent and so does Deepika, who looks completely lost in a blind girl avatar. Well, Gopi Puthran`s script fails in gauging the depth of characters as it gets lost in tedious trappings which make it all the more sloppy.

‘Lafangey Parindey’ is too unconvincing to be made into a film, for one can hardly digest the love story between a blind roller-skating dancer and a blindfolded fighter.

Even Eldridge Rodrigue’s grandiose production designs fail to alleviate the Box Office fate of the film for it lacks substance. Most probably ‘Lafangey Parindey’ is one of the big duds of 2010 and one of the forgettable outings for its lead pair –Neil Nitin Mukesh and Deepika Padukone.

Ratings: Two poor cheers!

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