Review: ‘Love You To Death’ suffers from ‘missile failure’!

Zeenews Bureau

For Atul (Chandan Roy Sanyal), ‘a murder that looks like an accident’ acts as the fulcrum of all his activities. But like the popular saying goes, ‘Man proposes, God disposes’, Atul’s plans of murdering his wife, Soniya (Yuki Ellias) too take a trajectory different from what he had concocted.

Atul, as a man, according to his sexologist, suffers from ‘missile failure’. His life revolves around money and he is a businessman in whose life money, and money alone, is all that matters. Soniya, his wife, on the other hand, is someone who is too gullible. Her dog Baby is able to cut a better impression in front of her than what her boorish businessman husband can. Soniya is the owner of a sprawling real estate business, and Atul’s eyes are set on Soniya’s property in order that he can expand his own business. Soniya’s refusal to let Atul take over the real estate strikes a sinister chord in the latter, and Atul is advised by his mama (Suhasini Mulay) to plot a ‘murder that looks like an accident’.

With black humour at its centre, ‘Love You To Death’ is a weak attempt at a zany comedy that the makers have aimed at achieving. The movie has its moments, though. Loaded with witty dialogues and stinging repartees, the conversations that take place in the movie are cleverly crafted. An old, obese male grooving to Elvis Presley’s Teddy Bear and a dog’s attention deficit disorder being treated with holistic healing are things that you won’t find in your typical everyday comic movie. But something that dampens the element of comedy is the number and placing of the laughter-inducing scenes. They are too few, and appear after long hiatuses.

Directed by Rafeeq Ellias, ‘Love You To Death’ is a movie worth watching for its last half an hour. A live art installation serves as the setting where the climax of the film unfolds. To add to the suspense, there are dozens of revolvers doing the rounds of people’s hands – but only one of them is loaded. The last few minutes of the movie is enthralling, and the performances by the lead actors are quite laudable.

Ratings: Two cheers for ‘Love You To Death’!