Review: Mallika’s ‘Hisss’ fails to charm the Box Office

Spicezee Bureau

Mythology and folklore have always been favourite themes of Bollywood filmmakers for who can forget the class act of Reena Roy and Sridevi as snake-woman in yesteryears super hit ‘Nagin’ and ‘Nagina’.

However, this time around, Hollywood director Jennifer Lynch is bitten by the Indian folklore of ichhadhaari naagin with bombshell Mallika Sherawat in the lead. Starring Irrfan Khan, Divya Dutta, Raman Trikha and Jeff Douchette, ‘Hisss’ is a pathetic movie and a caricature of sorts the way it exaggerates the nagin folklore. ‘Hisss’ terribly lacks script and performances – to say it all, it lacks bite.

‘Hisss’ is loosely based on story of vengeance of a nagin against George (Doucette), who on his visit to Indian captures her mate. Incensed with rage, our snake woman transforms into buxom woman, who enters the human civilization in search of her lover. Meanwhile, Vikram (Irrfan) is handed over the charge of solving the deaths and tracking down the killer.

On the whole, ‘Hisss’ is abominable and loathsome when it showcases Mallika making love to a snake. Instead of showcasing her acting prowess, Mallika is hell bent on skin-show. ‘Hisss’ is a perfect example of Hollywood B-grade cinema.

Apart from the histrionics of Mallika, one fails to understand why Irrfan Khan became a part of such a dud project. When not titillating and arousing your senses, Mallika is a dumb show. Divya Dutta is terribly wasted and so does Raman Trikha fails to make a splash. A word of advice -‘Hisss’ is avoidable!

Ratings: One cheer for this one!