Review: ‘Mummy Punjabi’ is a TV soap on big screen!

Zeenews Bureau

‘Mummy Punjabi’ is the new age mother India with contemporary touch, humour and emotions. The lead protagonist in the film a Punjabi housewife woman in her 50’s is played by Kirron Kher. The film is a loud family entertainer, wherein a Punjabi urban mother balances tradition with her own value system.

The movie brings to life her realistic vision of life, the joys, pleasures, as well as the social forces experienced by her and the family. It plays upon the uniqueness of her relationships with her husband and children, and her special relationship with a neighbor who admires her `completeness`. With the story rooted in Chandigarh, there are several foot tapping Punjabi songs and dances.

Over the course of the film, her life comes a full circle as she reflects on her relationships, connecting with the hearts of all mothers, sons, daughters.

She is quirky because she keeps her sons on a tight leash and her daughter has all the freedom in the world. Obsessed with getting a simple, Indian girl for one of her sons and an NRI doctor for the other, Mummyji gets herself exactly what she wants, but after the weddings she realizes that her bahus aren’t what they pretend to be. The film then has the usual tricks wherein Mummyji indulges in gossip sessions, and some rona dhona on the sympathetic shoulders of her maid Munniya played by Divya Dutta.

The film has giggle-worthy moments, but the cast speaking straight-out-of-school-essays English completely ruins these moments and a wishy-washy plot ideal for a television serial only makes you cringe and cringe a little bit more.

Rating: One Cheer, precisely!

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