Review: ‘Nakshatra’ fails to thrill at the Box Office

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Director Mohan Savalkar’s ‘Nakshatra’ lacks good script and this is just one of the major flaws of the movie. The movie is drab and fails to interest viewers. Calling it a thriller would be highly overrated for this one is nothing but a sleeper. It seems that the director has not paid any attention to establish lead characters in the movie and connect them to each other.

The story revolves around an aspiring script-writer Ajay (Shubh Mukherjee), who spends most of his time playing video games instead of writing scripts. His lady love Jiah (Sabina Sheema) tries to lure him away from the gaming console and gives him an ultimatum of two months to get serious in life.

Soon after, Ajay ends up writing a thriller story for a group of newcomers. He writes a story about a theft of an expensive diamond necklace from a museum. Ajay is all set to get engaged with Jiah soon after the script is complete.

However, things take an ugly turn at their engagement ceremony as police inspector Gupte (Milind Soman) lands there to arrest Ajay for the alleged theft of an expensive diamond necklace from a museum. Ajay is the prime suspect because museum’s CCTV cameras had captured Ajay spending a long time there everyday.

Ajay tries to explain to police that he frequently visited the museum to do his research work for his script. But like the director would have it, Gupte refuses to buy his explanation and puts him under arrest.

Nevertheless much later Ajay evokes Gupte to believe his story, who then tries to resolve the mystery and find out the real thief.

Overall, the screenplay is silly and written without proper consideration. The movie lacks the thrill to excite the viewers. Only Milind impresses as far as acting prowess goes. Sabina Sheema and debutant Shubh Mukherjee’s acting is highly disappointing.

Bapi-Tutul’s music is not memorable and the other technical aspects such as camerawork and editing could be far better.

The movie is a waste of time and can be easily given a miss.

Ratings: One poor star for this one!

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