Review: ‘Pappu Can't Dance Saala’ is below average

Zeenews Bureau

‘Pappu Can't Dance Saala’ that releases today is an average film with below average appeal. Neha Dhupia(Mehak) who plays the lead role in the film, is an upcoming dancer who has run away from home in order to chase her dreams.

As the quintessential small town girl with big dreams in her eyes, Mehak, wants to live her own life and do things on her own terms and conditions. she is a struggling girl, who is trying to make her living in a city like Mumbai.

Her neighbor is the second lead character in the film, played by funny man Vinay Pathak as Vidhyadhar.

Mehak lives in a property which is actually allotted to government employees and therefore they constantly live under the threat of being caught by the ‘Vigilance’ department.

In one of the raids conducted by the department, Mahek gets thrown out of her house and is compelled to move into Vidyadhar’s house. She makes her own space and place in the house, so much so that she leaves no stone unturned to encroach into the occupant’s privacy.

Now in their quest as housemates the two of them who happen to be polar opposites by their manners and ways, fall in love. As predictable as this Bollywood film can get.

The only USP in the film is Vinay’s comic timing and great sense of humor. He completely lives up to the expectations of the viewers. However, Neha’s un-honed acting skills, predictable script and monotonous dialogue writing makes this film an overall disaster to tolerate and sit through!

With films like these you only wish for Bollywood to grow up and for its filmmakers to start using a little more sense!

Rating : One cheer!

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