Review: ‘Pyaar Impossible’ is typical and amateurish!

Last Updated: Friday, January 8, 2010 - 17:54

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Mumbai: The love story of a beauty and a geek can’t get more typical than this one! Priyanka Chopra-Uday Chopra starrer ‘Pyaar Impossible’ finally released this Friday, and quite predictably, the film tells the story of an impossible pair that eventually gets hitched.

It’s the story of a bespectacled computer geek Abhay Sharma (Uday Chopra), who happens to have a huge crush on a college hottie Alisha (Priyanka Chopra), but fails to muster up the courage to propose the stunner on whom every next guy swoons. Believe it or not but it takes him seven long years to finally tell her, that he loves her. So you have a happy ending there!

But Abhay’s fear of rejection is not the only thorn in the love story, for villain, there’s Siddharth aka Varun (Dino Morea), a tech-thief who steals an ingenious software programme from him to sell it to a company in Singapore.

On his trail to the swindler, Abhay happens to bump into his first love, Alisha, who is now a divorced working mother with a daughter. How Abhay eventually manages to woo her girl and how he wins his lost-credit back is what the rest is all about.

‘Pyar Impossible’ appears to be a little amateurish, but you can’t ignore the few handful scenes that really touch an emotional chord. Priyanka did not have much to do as far as acting in the film is concerned, as PC’s character was supposed to be of this hottie, who perhaps had to do nothing but just look stunning in every frame of the film!

Uday has surely acted well. He passes off effortlessly as the geek, but beyond a point you seem to be getting an overdose of him.

Watch this one only if you’re a geek hopelessly in love with a hottie!

Rating: Two cheers

First Published: Friday, January 8, 2010 - 17:54

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