Review: ‘Speedy Singhs’ fails to impress!

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‘Speedy Singhs’ is a story of an Indo-Canadian boy and his quest in life to follow his dream career. Rajveer Singh played by Vinay Virmani, is the lead character of the film who is a young man with ambition to make a career in the sport of ice hockey.

But his father Darvesh Singh played by Anupam Kher, is a cliché Punjabi-father figure who comes in the way of his dreams. Darvesh wants his son to join family business with one of his uncles and make money to settle down. Rajveer initially gives into his father’s persuasion but there he ends up having a row with his uncle’s son-in-law, Sonu played by Russell Peters. Which turns his miseries from bad to worse!

After repetitive rejections to become a part of the Canadian team, Rajveer forms a team of his own named ‘Speedy Singhs’. The story that follows revolves around Rajveer trying to win his father’s support, bringing the team together, working hard with the coach Dan Winters played by Rob Lowe and other teammates in order to achieve his dream and succeed in the sport.

Now the film has amazing comic-timing and makes for a good laugh, which surely makes it a one-time watch. But the film’s predictable script makes it loose its luster.

It fails to convince the audiences to stay interested due to its uncanny resemblance to films like, ‘Patiala House’ and ‘Bend it like Beckham’.

It is strange how producer Akshay Kumar could commit the same blunder again after the failure of ‘Patiala House’. The film’s similarity to already made films on the same subject is a major downer.

Although the script lacks freshness to hold the interest of the audience, the actors in the film have done fair justice to their work. Vinay is good as a debutant in the film, however, his script writing skills have gone for a toss.

Anupam Kher is brilliant as always. However the only surprising element in the film is to see Russell Peters act so well, out of all the other debutant actors in the film, he stands to make the strongest mark.

All that can be said about the film is, that it’s not too bad if you are looking for some headless humor to unwind this weekend. The ultra-hilarious dialogues could crack you up more often than not. But eventually the predictable script will leave you bored and it is safe to declare it as a onetime watch.

Rating: Two cheers for this one!

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