Review: Technical flaws mar ‘Kya Yehi Sach Hai’

Zeenews Bureau

The timing of the release of ‘Kya Yehi Sach Hai’ couldn’t have been more apt, given the pan-India agitation against corruption perpetrated by die-hard crusader Anna Hazare. Unfortunately, the film fails to latch on to the big opportunity.

‘Kya Yehi Sach Hai’ has been directed by ex-IPS officer YP Singh. The film is based on Mr. Singh`s novel `Carnage by Angels` which was released in 2003, which exposed the rampant corruption and malpractices that go on in the police force.

Interestingly, the film won the Silver Award in the Narrative Film Category of the California Film Awards in 2010.

Quite unbecoming of the laurels, the film really cuts out a sorry picture all together. The screenplay appears more like a stage play than a screen drama. The director has shown the guts to stick to the central theme throughout the film but bad acting and technical blunders take it all down.

The story develops without any turn and twist and focuses on too many things. Simplistic dialogue writing and lack of proper characterisation make the film look average.

`Kya Yahi Sach Hai’ is a work of fiction but its presentation reminds of a documentary due to the extensive usage of typical police band music and actual locations.

The cinematography department has left no stone unturned to puncture director`s vision.

The film may not be a great piece of art but `Kya Yahi Sach Hai` is successful in its message. That is, one has to take a stand because if everybody remains silent, corruption will only grow stronger.

Ratings: One cheer for this one!

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