Review: ‘Tees Maar Khan’ goes bonkers at the Box Office

Spicezee Bureau

Analyse this - after the super duper success of ‘Main Hoon Na’ and ‘Om Shanti Om’, Farah parted ways with her lucky charm SRK for Akshay, only to commit the biggest mistake of her career!

Loosely based on Vittorio de Sica’s cult ‘After the Fox’, ‘Tees Maar Khan’ is the perfect example of a bad remake. Starring Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Akshaye Khanna and Arya Babbar, Farah Khan’s TMK ends up as a big disappointment, courtesy - hack writing of Shrish Kunder and Ashmit Kunder.

‘Tees Maar Khan’ is more of a no-brainer than a rib tickling comedy as it lacks the effervescence and the charm of Farah Khan’s two earlier flicks. In ‘Tees Maar Khan’, Akshay plays the role of Tabrez Mirza Khan aka Tees Maar Khan, a master con artist, whose art of stealing parodies Abhimanyu’s war craft skills from Mahabharata. In TMK, Tabrez learns to steal even before he is born because his mother, who is glued to crime flicks during her pregnancy.

When Tees Maar Khan is called in to steal 10,000 kgs of antiques, he disguises as a Hollywood director and convinces Bollywood actor Aatish Kapoor (Akshaye Khanna) to be a part of his plans. Meanwhile, Tees Maar Khan’s girlfriend Anya (Katrina Kaif) becomes the heroine of the film, who is desperate to act.

‘Tees Maar Khan’ could have been a wonderful film only if the Kunder brothers did not ruined the script. After all, ‘After the Fox’ is a perfect madcap comedy but full scores to ‘Tees Maar Khan’ for dishing out a charred comedy.

Armed with dim-witted jokes and severe overacting, ‘Tees Maar Khan’ comes to life only in its song sequences where ‘Sheila ki Jawani’ gets you grooving to its beats. Akshay is brilliant and Katrina looks stunning but a poor script plays the perfect spoilsport for your Christmas and New Year party.

Hope Farah patches up with SRK soon!

Ratings: Two cheers to this one!