Review: ‘Tere Bin Laden’ spoofs America’s war against terrorism

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New directors until now have got a fair idea that to click in Bollywood, they have to think out-of-the-box. And on top of that, their script must be convincing enough for potential producers to invest their hard earned money in the film. Well, debutant director Abhishek Sharma must have thought the same while he was working on in his maiden project ‘Tere Bin Laden’, as the verdict of which you will know in the following review.

The story revolves around an ambitious young reporter Ali, who works in a downmarket TV news channel and who is desperate to go to America. But, the problem is his visa has been rejected several times so he hatches up a corny plot to enter El Dorado. In a bid to enter America, Ali makes a fake video of Osama bin Laden, using a look-alike, Noora (a humble chicken farmer) hoping that the sensational news item will be his lucky ticket to the US.

At first glance, the film looks amateurish with enough rough edges. But as it unfolds, you come to know that it is not the regular run-of-the-mill comedy. Content wise, the film scores good and is several notches up when compared to other spoof films which have done well at the Box Office despite their wane storyline.

Piyush Mishra is just apt for the role of a cranky TV producer of an upcoming news channel, who in order to boost the TRP’s of his channel sends his reporters to capture the crowing of cocks in a cock-a-doodle competition.

But, for young reporter Ali (Ali Zafar) the assignment is too stale for his talent to be wasted. For the energetic lad have plans to hit to America with a hot shot TV reporting job for the US media. But what he didn’t expect that the same assignment he detested was the one which will transform his dream into reality.

Ali discovers a chicken farmer who happens to be an Osama Bin Laden clone!

What follows next is an ambitious make-up artist (Sugandha Garg), a maverick dubbing artist who can speak Arabic (Rahul Singh), loads of hungry-for-TRP TV channels and a gullible and awfully stupid American government - all that it takes to give the world its new breaking news story.

The actors sure did have a ball, and that is evident as you watch the movie. The director and scriptwriter (Abhishek Sharma) perhaps knows that the audience wants some real entertainment to attract them to theatres, especially when the ticket rates are so high.

And watching ‘Tere Bin Laden’ is definitely not the waste of money in any way. However, only coming weeks can only decide the fate of the film as Osama Bin Laden hardly seems to be in the news these days.

An intelligent script with just the right comic punches, ‘Tere Bin Laden’ serves the purpose of satire that the filmmaker has tried to pull on America in their fight against terrorism.

Ratings: Three stars for ‘Tere Bin Laden’


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