Review: ‘We Are Family’ is an intense family drama

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Karan Johar’s ‘We Are Family’ is a classic remake of Chris Columbus’ ‘Stepmom’ (1998) – a heart-wrenching, emotional saga of Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts as they battle it out for motherhood.

Directed by Siddharth P Malhotra, starring Arjun Rampal, Kajol, Kareena Kapoor, Nominath Ginsburg, Aanchal Munjal, and Diya Sonecha; ‘We Are Family’ is the story of Maya (Kajol), Shreya (Kareena) and Aman (Arjun) and their fight for a perfect family.

‘We Are Family’ narrates the story of Aman, who has divorced his first wife Maya and is looking forward to marrying his girlfriend Shreya. However, little does he know that his three kids are quite hostile towards Shreya. Meanwhile, Aman’s troubles get compounded when he comes to know that Shreya is a career driven lady whose priorities are beyond home and hearth. Further, with Maya diagnosed with terminal illness, will this family manage to survive?

With Kajol-Kareena reinterpreting the famed jodi of Susan-Julia, there was a huge scope for originality and improvisations, nevertheless, kudos to Karan Johar for sticking to the originality of ‘Stepmom’, and not killing it with his usual penchant for opulent sets, foreign locales and lavish backdrops. As a desi remake of ‘Stepmom’, ‘We Are Family’ remains true to its original and clearly borrows scenes and dialogues from its Hollywood counterpart.

However, like ‘Stepmom’, ‘We Are Family’ too is based on the ever looming tragedy with some spectacular performances by Kajol and Kareena. It’s a performance oriented film. While Kajol wins over you with her effortless charm and warmth of the character of a housewife heroine, Kareena takes you by complete surprise, for the actress has matured over the years and wonderfully projects the dilemmas of a career oriented, happy-go-lucky girlfriend, who is all set to become a responsible mother. With author backed roles, Kajol-Kareena deliver electrifying performances, thereby completely eclipsing Arjun Rampal. At the most, Arjun appears to be a passive onlooker, who is caught between Kajol and Kareena.

Even as ‘We Are Family’ is an intense family drama, one gets bogged down by its extended climax and high dose of melodrama. In all, ‘We Are Family’ is a women oriented film with some strong performances by Kajol and Kareena.

Ratings: Three cheers for this one!

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