Review: Where is the much-hyped Barbara-Hrithik chemistry in ‘Kites’?

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: ‘Kites’ is a good movie if you watch it sans any expectation. But believe it or not, the biggest setback for the movie has been its mind-blowing promotional strategy and hoopla surrounding Barbara-Hrithik relationship as well as the hot scenes in the film.

The reason is simple - the film does not show what the makers have been promising all this while. After watching the film the famous Shakespearean play title comes to your mind – Much Ado About Nothing.

Agreed that Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori are really great looking people! So, what? Where is the blazing chemistry? What irks one is the fact that the film is woefully predictable. The film has some interesting moments but they are not extraordinary. And yes, there is no comparison with ‘3 Idiots’ just because comparison only exists when two things are almost at par.

The storyline has parallels with Hrithik’s first film, ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ but the sweetness is not there. The raw passion, smoldering sexuality and intensity of love are nowhere to be found in the film.

Jai also known as J (Hrithik) is a street-smart guy from Las Vegas, who lives by his looks. He romances with a rich girl Gina (Kangna Ranaut) for her wealth. But he soon comes to know that Gina’s father (Kabir Bedi) and brother Tony (Nick Brown) are mobsters but his plan is set. But life gives him a surprise when he meets Tony`s fiancé Natasha (Barbara). He falls for her and she reciprocates his advances because she doesn’t love Tony and is marrying him for money.

So, on J’s one side is enormous wealth and on the other side, it is love plus difficulties. After giving in to their feelings and after J gets into a scuffle with Tony, the lovers elope, making matters worse. And then they are on the run, chased by a host of negative characters.

Some of the sequences in the second half are gripping and what’s the best part about the movie is the look and treatment of the film. Director Anurag Basu has succeeded in giving it an international appeal. Had the story line been strong rather than wafer thin, the film would have done really well.
Hrithik looks sexy and his fans will really admire him in the film. Barbara is a good actress but doesn’t seem to have a future in Bollywood unlike Katrina Kaif. And one wonders why Kangna agreed to do the film in the first place as her character is just a side-ling.

Music by Rajesh Roshan is melodious and some adept behind-the-camera work by the film’s DOP Anayanka Bose makes the film mildly watchable. An average summer fare!

Rating: Two stars