RGV plans a horror flick with Osama’s ghost in the lead!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: RGV, falling short of ways to scare audience through his horror flicks seems to have found an inspiration from late Osama bin Laden. Believe it or not, buzz has it that Ramu is planning a film on the afterlife of slain terrorist Osama, where he rises as a ghost and haunts the White House!

Death of world’s most dreaded terrorist did trigger a spate of movies to be made on Osama. Even as Oscar winner Hollywood director Katherine Bigelow prepares to change the plot of her film on Osama after his assassination by US troops, her Bollywood counterpart Ramu readies to reprise Osama in all new avatar.

Ram Gopal Varma’s project is currently titled as ‘Terror Turns to Horror, Al Qaeda Part 2’ in which the director will exploit the deceased’s already fearsome image in a very unique way.

Earlier, we revealed that Varma’s ‘Not A Love Story’ is also based on Neeraj Grover’s murder case which involved Kannada actress Maria Susairaj and boyfriend Mathew. Now Ramu again wants to take a leaf out of another real life incident.

Seems like ‘reality’ is RGV’s latest muse!

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