Riding bike was tough: Ekta Kapoor

Mumbai: Varun Dhawan took his film`s co-producer Ekta Kapoor for a bike ride to promote their film `Main Tera Hero` Monday. But thanks to her fear of two-wheelers, she found the experience tough.

Her fear has to do with an incidence in her childhood days.

`It was very tough because I have not even sat on a cycle in my life...I did twice as a child and it (the cycle) fell on both the occasions. My father used to hold the cycle and balance it. The moment he left the cycle, the cycle fell and I fell too,` the 38-year-old said here after riding pillion.

`I rode the bike for the first time and I can`t tell you the hate mail I have got from various women for riding on a bike with Varun,` she added.

Apparently, Varun coerced Ekta to agree to a bike ride and Ekta says she finds Varun too cute to refuse him for anything.

`I have not met a cuter guy that Varun. He can sell ice cream to an Eskimo. Forget riding the bike, if he tells me to go to the moon with him, I will. He is so cute,` Ekta said.

Varun said if it was not for Ekta and his father David Dhawan, he couldn`t have thought of doing all the things that he was for the film.

`For this film, I have been pushed by two people - one is my father and the other is Ekta. Both of them share one thing in common, which is passion for films. Honestly, most of the things I have done today, nobody would have let me do them or orchestrated them if Ekta wasn`t there,` the 26-year-old actor said.

Varun`s father David Dhawan has directed `Main Tera Hero`, which also features actresses Nargis Fakhri, Ileana D`Cruz and Evelyn Sharma. The film hits theatres April 4.