Saif, Shahid walk out of Vishal’s remake of ‘Inception’

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan seem to have more in common than what meets the eye. The two actors were reportedly approached by ace director Vishal Bharadwaj for a film that is stated to be a copy of Hollywood blockbuster ‘Inception’. But despite Vishal being a big hit in the industry, the two actors have turned down the offer.

Wonder why?

Shahid, who was Vishal’s first choice for the film, turned down the offer stating that he wished to work with the filmmaker in ‘Kaminey 2’. And when the director approached Saif as his second best option, the actor walked out after Vishal declined to make the requested changes in the script.

As per sources, ‘Dreams’ is a story, which is narrated in a dream. Talking about the film a source said, “Though the plot resembles a bit with the recent Hollywood blockbuster Inception, Bhardwaj was ready with the script of Dreams much before Inception released.”

However, when Saif asked for changes, Bhardwaj put his foot down. “Bhardwaj is a director who sticks to his script and vision. Often, many actors are apprehensive and nervous before signing up for a character in Bhardwaj’s films. Both Saif and Shahid took a long time to say ‘yes’ to Bhardwaj for ‘Omkara’ as well as ‘Kaminey’. This time too, the role is very challenging but fruitful,” added the source.