Salman`s `Jai Ho` gets U/A certificate with cuts?

Mumbai: Superstar Salman Khan`s young fans, who form a sizeable slice of his mammoth fan-following, may need to be accompanied by adults to be able to see his latest film `Jai Ho`.

The film has been reportedly passed by the Central Board of Film Certification with a U/A certificate and a number of cuts.

"Actually, this is quite an unusual situation for a Salman-starrer. His films are usually passed with a `U` certificate with minimum or no cuts. But `Jai Ho` is a political thriller about a common man`s successful attempt to foil an assassination bid against a chief minister," said a source.

"There are many very hard-hitting dialogues against corruption in present-day Indian politics. This is Salman`s first film with a strong political statement," added the source.

It is said that the censor board asked for some of Salman`s tirade against corrupt politicians and their dubious politics to be toned down or beeped out.

"There were no abusive dialogues. Salman doesn`t abuse on screen. But there are several references to current politics that could have made real-life politicians uncomfortable. These have gone. Also, some seconds from a few action scenes that were found to be lengthy," said the source.

With the cuts and the `U/A` certificate, "Jai Ho" becomes Salman`s first censor-restricted film.

The film will come out Jan 24.