Salman`s suggestions like words written in gold: Arbaaz Khan

Updated: Jul 13, 2010, 11:25 AM IST

Mumbai: A lot of Salman Khan`s inputs were incorporated into his forthcoming home production "Dabangg" even after the film was completed. Producer Arbaaz Khan says his superstar brother`s inputs were valuable.

"Salman is a very experienced superstar. This happens to be his brother`s production, which makes it a `ghar ki baat`. He is the star of the film. I considered every suggestion from Salman to be like words written in gold and we incorporated them accordingly," said Arbaaz.

"I don`t think Salman has contributed more from behind-the-camera to any of his films. Earlier in some of his films he tried to make suggestions which were unfortunately not taken well. In `Dabangg`, we welcomed Salman`s inputs warmly. He has added considerably to the film`s overall mood and feeling, specially in the action scenes," added Arbaaz.

Five lengthy action sequences including a climactic eruption lasting 20 minutes were devised specially by Salman in collaboration with action director S. Vijayan who did the stunts for Salman "Wanted". Salman`s brief to Vijayan was simple - "Make the action sequences bigger and better than `Wanted`."

"Yes, `Wanted` was his big action release in 2009. We want `Dabangg` to be his bigger action flick in 2010. I can`t deny we devised the stunts accordingly," said Arbaaz.

"There was this prevalent belief about `Dabangg` that it was a gritty realistic offbeat kind of film. We didn`t want that kind of branding for `Dabangg. We wanted this to be a full-on action film, bigger than `Wanted`. In fact, bigger in terms of action than anything Salman has done before."

The five action sequences, the film`s highlight were shot over a period of 60 days. And though Arbaaz isn`t willing to reveal it, the climactic fight alone is 20 minutes long.

"Let`s just say we shot the action scenes for 60 days which is the time spent shooting an average full-length feature film. These action films are done with special effects the way Jackie Chan`s stunts are shot."

Apparently, Salman is now all set to direct his own film.