Sanjay Dutt becomes dangerously expensive!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Kancha Cheena’ has been able to give many children sleepless nights. And apparently, with Sanju Baba charging a hefty sum of 10 crores per movie, he has extended the recipients of sleepless nights to filmmakers as well!

‘Agneepath’ shot Sanjay Dutt to a hitherto unseen zenith. And once on the peak, he is not keen on giving his hard-earned position up. Dutt’s earlier ventures used to fetch him somewhere around 5 crores a movie. After his stellar performance as ‘Kancha Cheena’ in the blockbuster, however, Sanjay Dutt has doubled his price. Affording him is no longer an easy task.

According to many viewers, Sanjay Dutt was probably the prime reason behind the success of ‘Agneepath’. Far and wide, people have been showering praises over Dutt’s menacing act in the movie. And now he has made sure that the praises don’t go in vain. At least for 10 crores a film, we hope for many ‘Kancha Cheena’-like performances from the actor!