Sanjay Dutt caught between two cop-roles

Mumbai: Sanjay Dutt has played a cop many times over. But this time it`s different. In both Ram Gopal Varma`s `Department` and Anand Kumar`s `Zilla Ghaziabad` he plays a cop based on real-life characters. In fact he`s so keen on getting it right that last week he asked both the filmmakers to show him the rushes to see how real he looks on screen.

Dutt isn`t taking any chances. He wants both the parts to look authentic. Apparently Dutt has been doing backgrounders on both the real-life cops and wants them played as differently as possible.

Says a source: "Since both the real-life cops are dead, Dutt has asked for a reality-check on their past history… pictures, documents, newspaper stories, anecdotes…. Never before has Sanjay Dutt taken such a keen interest in character detailing. He wants both the roles to be real cops and different from one another in personality and appearance. Because they`re based on real characters he doesn`t want to slip up in the details."

Last week Dutt summoned the `Zilla Ghaziabad` producer Vinod Bachchan with rushes of the film to see how his character had shaped up.

Confirms Bachchan: "Yes, Dutt Saab asked to see his look and presence. So I made a special trailer of the film and took it to him. He will now be shooting non-stop from Nov 2 to 23 for my film."

For "Department", Dutt is even taking interest in the technical details. Preparing for his plunge into direction, perhaps?

Says Ram Gopal Varma: "Sanjay Dutt knows `Department` is a very special film for him. I`ve always believed he has one of the strongest screen presence. I haven`t presented him in that stylish cool-dude way in `Department`. For the first time in his career he is playing a very realistic character."

Though Sanjay Dutt plays a cop he isn`t in uniform in "Department".

Says Ramu: "Contrary to rumours, `Department` is not about encounter killings. It`s about the personal lives of the cops, how their family equation and social lives get affected by their job. My film `Company` was about the politics in the underworld. `Department` is about the politics in the police department."


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