Sanjay Dutt ditches Bhatt camp citing date issues

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Sanjay Dutt is a man known to keep his word but in the wake of new events he seems to have taken a u-turn. News has it that Sanju baba ditched a Bhatt camp project after giving his consent to feature in it initially.

According to reports, Dutt was supposed to be seen in Vishesh Films' next alongside Bhatt camp loyalist Emraan Hashmi, but now the plan has gone haywire.

Sanjay Dutt will not be seen in the film. The actor had confirmed that he will be a part of this project way back in January after Vishesh Films' Chairman MD Mukesh Bhatt and director Kunal Deshmukh had visited his Pali Hill residence for a meeting.

Talking about the meeting with Sanjay Dutt, Mahesh Bhatt had earlier said, “Sanjay has a very special place in our hearts. He was our first hero in the very first venture of Vishesh Films, ‘Kabzaa’. He sent us a very sweet message saying 'It's great to come back home.”

Later, Sanju opted out from the film, citing date issues. A source said, "Dutt said that he wouldn't be able to get on board before April 2012. Bhatts want to put Kunal's film on floors in August. Surely, they can't wait for additional eight months."

On contacting Mahesh Bhatt last night, he stated, "Well, Sanjay Dutt is a big man. He has a production house and his own compulsions. He could not fit into our requirements. We couldn't go by his pace, and he couldn't go by our's. We were travelers who went in different directions," and then quickly added, "But that's fine. Aisa hota hai. We went to him since he is one of us and he still remains so."

The filmmakers have already started looking for a replacement now that Sanjay has opted out. "We are now looking for an alternative. We didn't go to Sanjay because he is a star. We went to him because he is family. Now, we might even go with a fresh face." Sanjay Dutt remained unavailable for comment.