Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Rascals’ runs into troubled waters!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Sanjay Dutt, who was all set to release the first film of his production company ‘Rascals’ has been hit by legal hassles. The film stars Ajay Devgn, Kangna Ranaut and Dutt himself.

It was due to hit the theatres on October 6 but now the chances are unlikely. Cinemax Pvt Ltd has filed a legal suit against Dutt’s production partners Vinay Choksey and Sanjay Ahluwalia. The suit demands a stay order on the release of the film.

A source informed a daily, “Cinemax Pvt Ltd has been angry with Choksey and Ahluwalia for a while.”

Confirming the story, Sunil Punjabi, CEO, Cinemax Pvt Ltd said to a daily, “Yes, this is true. The hearing on the stay order which we have demanded will be held on either Monday or Tuesday.”

Explaining why they decided to file a lawsuit, Punjabi said, “Choksey and Ahluwalia had taken Rs 2 crore from our company in 2008. Their company Rupali Aum Entertainment was supposed to make a film for us with that amount. That film never got made. We want our money back.” Punjabi also informed that the stay order, if passed, would stall the film’s release not just in Mumbai but across the country.

Choksey, however had a different story to tell. Admitting that he and Ahluwalia had taken Rs 2 crore from Cinemax Pvt Ltd, he said, “Look, we have been fighting a legal battle with Cinemax Pvt Ltd for over a year now. Seeing that our film with Dutt, ‘Rascals,’ is releasing next month, they have simply thrown a spanner.”

“The matter is under arbitration. In 2008, we had made an agreement for a film with Cinemax Pvt Ltd. We distributed the Rs 2 crore which they gave us; we hired a director, shelled out signing amounts to some actors and recorded three songs. Suddenly, Cinemax Pvt Ltd wanted to back out from the deal. They refused to shell out more money. They made us wait and gave us various reasons for the same. We had no choice but to stall the project,” added Choksey to a tabloid.

Taken aback with the accusation by Cinemax, Choksey revealed, “There were many witnesses for our 2008 deal. I don’t want to name them and spoil their relations with Cinemax Pvt Ltd. They all know who is right and who is wrong. There is a lot of evidence in the form of mails exchanged between us and Cinemax.”

Choksey finally said, “We are yet to receive the papers of the new legal suit. My lawyer will read the papers and then decide how we fight them ahead.”

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