Shahid Kapoor all set to don the director’s cap

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: After watching his father, Pankaj Kapoor’s tranquil style of direction during the making of ‘Mausam’, Bollywood chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor has decided to don the director’s cap.

Talking to a daily on Shahid’s newfound passion, a source said, “Shahid was hands-on from the start of the project. And by `start` I don`t mean the day shooting began. ‘Mausam’ was Shahid`s pet project from the time his father wrote it. It was known that Shahid would play the lead, and participate actively in all the behind-the-scenes activities, including casting.”

Apparently, the decision to cast Sonam Kapoor was very much Shahid`s own decision as the source continued, “Since it`s a love story, there are only two principal characters in ‘Mausam’. It was very important to cast the right face and personality. Various names including Priyanka Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha and Deepika Padukone were considered. Both, Pankaj and Shahid zeroed in on Sonam. The role required a Kashmiri girl, and they felt Sonam looked the part. She should have a dreamy look on screen.” the source said.

Buzz has it that Shahid has learnt the art of surrendering himself to the director and this is why he will not cast himself as actor in the film he plans to directs. “While Ranbir Kapoor is willing to cast himself in his directorial debut, Shahid won`t. When he directs a film next year, it will feature another actor," added the source.

When enquired the actor, Shahid said, “Working with my dad has been a very different experience. He`s a very sorted director. That`s the way I want to be. To surrender to the director and trust him blindly is a great feeling. I want to experience it first-hand. From now on, when I am acting, I`ll surrender to the director`s vision. It takes away from the pressure of being an actor. It was humbling working with dad.”

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