Shahid Kapoor’s cute girl act in ‘Milenge Milenge’!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Bollywood sirens better watch out, for Shahid Kapoor will soon be giving the B-town queens a run for their money.

Chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor will soon be seen in a pink top and sexy mini skirt in ‘Milenge Milenge.’ In fact, director Satish Kaushik is in splits every time he remembers poor Shahid struggling in a girl’s attire.

Talking to a news daily on Shahid’s wacky makeover, Satish said, “I didn’t have to convince him at all. He was absolutely cool with dressing up as a girl. Many a times male actors dress up as women, but some of them can’t carry it off. However, Shahid is a good-looking guy and he had no problem carrying off this look.”

Speaking about Shahid’s cute girl act, Satish added, “The first time that a hero and heroine set eyes on each other is an important moment in every movie. This time around, we have treated it differently. In the movie, Shahid and his friends are trying to sneak into a girl’s hostel for one of their friend’s girlfriend’s birthday. Obviously they can’t walk in as guys, so they decide to change their look drastically. So when they — Shahid and Kareena — meet for the first time, they meet as two girls.”

Post ‘Jab We Met’, the Shahid-Kareena jodi will be seen for the first time. Talking about their hit on-screenjodi, Satish muses, “People want to see them together after ‘Jab We Met’. Also the movie is a fast-paced movie. The whole thing about finding one’s true love is a very thrilling thought. And frankly, romance never goes out of fashion.”

Well said, love never goes out of fashion!