Shahid, Priyanka in Bangalore to promote 'Teri Meri Kahaani'

Updated: Jun 19, 2012, 13:08 PM IST

Bangalore: With just three days to go for the premier of the Bollywood flick “Teri Meri Kahani”, actors Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra spent some time in Bangalore promoting the movie.

`Teri Meri Kahaani` is a triple-treat tale of love and romance, which weaves three stories spanning over different eras into one single flick.

Kapoor and Chopra, who were romantically linked in the past, essay roles in three periods -1910, 1960 and 2012.

Chopra said the movie was about soul mates, with the same two people falling in love with each other again and again.

"Shahid and I both play three characters in the film. The film is three love stories, which happened in three eras--one is 1910, 1960 and 2012. So, its basically its not about reincarnation, nobody dies or nobody realizes that I have met you in past life none of that but its just three love stories which happen to the same two people. So, you can call it story of love soul mates," Chopra told reporters while interacting with them.

The stunning pair has also starred together in `Kaminey`, which was released in 2009.

Chopra added that her three characters were entirely different from each other and that she loved them all.

"I play Aradhana, which is a Sikh girl, a daughter of a freedom fighter in 1910. In 1960, I play a superstar who is an actress in the golden era of cinema and she is from small city of Lucknow. In 2012, I play girl who goes to university and she is pretty much like me and that``s Radha. All three characters are tremendously different from each other," said Chopra.

The movie begins in a small village outside Lahore in 1910 and ends in England in 2013. In between the story also takes a trip to the heart of the groovy film industry of Bombay in 1960.

Kunal Kohli, who gave blockbuster film like ‘Hum Tum’, which was a treat to watch and thrilled the country’s youth, directs the film.

Sajid Wajid, which is already topping the charts, composes the music of the film and the lyrics are by Prasoon Joshi.

The movie will be released on June 22.