Smiley Suri to make a comeback with `Kalyug` sequel?

Updated: Sep 03, 2012, 16:50 PM IST

Mumbai: She debuted with hit film 2005 ‘Kalyug’ and after two years Smiley Suri is likely to make a comeback with a sequel to her first film.

After ‘Kalyug’, which was about the porn film industry, she featured in a couple of more projects and her last release was 'Crook' that came in 2010.

Sharing her future plans, she told reporters: "I will make a comeback soon for sure. The last two years were extremely bad for me. My dad passed away and I was in my shell. Now I have come out and am ready to face the camera."

"Talks are on. I can`t talk much about my films but if things go well, then my brother Mohit Suri will be directing me yet again."

When asked whether there would be a sequel to ‘Kaliyug’, she said: "It might be. But I as I said, I can`t reveal much about it."

She is comfortable working with her brother.

"I believe I am director`s actor and I have assisted Mohit during `Zeher` and I know how he works. I am comfortable with him and with other directors as well."