Sudhir Mishra seeks movie title from audiences

Mumbai: Director Sudhir Mishra is confused about the title of his upcoming movie and is seeking the help of audiences to pick an apt name for his romantic thriller.

Mishra has completed filming the Irfan Khan-Chitrangadha Singh starrer and is contemplating between the working title "Dil Dar-Ba-Dar" and "Yeh Saali Zindagi".

"The working title of the film was `Dil Dar-Ba-Dar`. Over the weeks of editing my team was equally divided between that and `Yeh Saali Zindagi`, hence the dilemma," Mishra said in a statement.

"Incidentally, both these titles also represent equally strong songs in the film, so I decided to release a clip from the film online to give an idea of the film`s content and style and ask my friends for their advice on the apt title," he added.

A romantic thriller with comic edge, it is a love story with parallel tracks between Irfan, Chitrangadha, Arunoday Singh and Aditi Rao`s characters.

The movie is slated to release in October.