Sudhir Mishra swears at Censor Board

Mumbai: Director Sudhir Mishra is miffed with the censor board for giving A-certificate to his forthcoming film ‘Tera Kya Hoga Johnny’ and wonders why it always happens to him.

Apparently the censor board objected to a sequence showing a policeman trying to rape the young hero (Sikandar Aggarwal) in custody. Mishra put his foot down and refused to cut the sequence.

"Why does this always happen to me? It`s almost as if there`s a separate censorship code for me from other filmmakers. Invariably my films get into a situation on matters that are allowed to remain in other people`s films," he said.

Mishra finds it strange that the censors objected to a sequence of atrocity in police custody.

"It isn`t as if I was showing something that doesn`t happen. And I didn`t even show the boy being sodomised. I showed the cop attempting it. The boy escapes. But so many real-life underage delinquents go through unmentionable torture. Are we not supposed to show that?"

In another sequence, a cop shoots a man and says it happened because his hand accidently moved on the trigger.

"They also wanted me to delete all the maa-bahen ki galis. As if we haven`t seen characters abusing in other films! I really don`t understand these double standards," said the director.

Rather than fight a long battle with the censor board, Mishra agreed to accept an `Adults` certificate with relatively lesser cuts.

"I had two choices. I could fight a battle or accept an `A` certificate with less cuts. There was no time for a fight. I took the `A` certificate. But I feel we need to have more uniform rules of censorship."

On a happier note the film`s leading man Neil Nitin Mukesh has finally agreed to do some promotional activities for the film. And yes the film`s young protagonist, the real-life street child Sikandar is 19 now.

"Sikandar is good on the computer. He`s qualified to take up a job. But he wants to continue living out of my office where I put him up after picking him up from the streets of Kolkata to play a role in my film," said Mishra.