‘Tezz’ shoot disrupted by Shiv Sainiks

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Political hooliganism has been a long standing malady of Bollywood. The fraternity endured yet another fracas when a group of Shiv Sainiks disrupted the shoot of Ajay Devgn starrer ‘Tezz’ recently.

According to sources, Mallika Sherawat was shooting for the item number when few Shiv Sainiks arrived and tried to find out whether there were any foreign nationals in the film as they didn’t want foreigners to shoot in Maharashtra for a Bollywood movie.

Apparently, there seems to be some diktat issue against this practice of involving foreign national as a part of a crew in a Bollywood film by the extremist wing.

A source from the set said, “They said that they would not allow foreigners to shoot for a Hindi movie in Maharashtra. The production head explained to them that the foreigners were there for a couple of shots that would be wrapped up in just an hour.”

Reports confirm that finally the ‘Tezz’ team sorted out the issue after a lot of persuasion. A unit member said, “We had finished couple of shots featuring the foreigners, they left and the shoot continued as normally as before.”